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Etiquette Tips for the Conscientious Dog-Owning Neighbor

  Etiquette Tips for the Conscientious Dog-Owning Neighbor   The number of dogs in U.S. households is about 89 million, making a sizeable portion of people in practically any neighborhood dog owners. Over countless generations, dogs have evolved into our consummate companion, but they can also dig up tulip beds, bay at the moon all […]

Spectacular Landscape Products

These Techo-Bloc products are really cool ideas that could be used in any DIY home improvement project for your home. Check out their full line of products and let me know if you have used their products. They look great! https://www.techo-bloc.com/collection/products/

Is this the perfect laundry room? Laundry Room ideas from a realtor and a mom

Great Ideas for a laundry room in your home

This lady did a great job with a laundry for under $400.  Check out the video

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