City of Lebanon – City Show Lebanon Ohio

The City Show – Buried History

Created Date: August 17, 2010Length: 00:58:55Folder: The City Show The City Show – Buried History John Zimkus takes us on a tour of the Lebanon Cemetery to get a look at some of Lebanon’s Buried History.

Fitnes Focus #30

Created Date: August 3, 2010Length: 00:28:20Folder: Fitness Focus Fitnes Focus #30 Abs and traps with Justin, Box Squats with Coach Swanson and hitting instruction for youth baseball. Plus an inspirational story from Randy, a fixture at the …

Fitness Focus #28

Created Date: August 2, 2010Length: 00:27:30Folder: Fitness Focus Fitness Focus #28 Doc Krueger interviews Jennifer Powell and hears her weight loss story. Also featured are exercises for your abs, explosive training techniques and flexibili…

Fitness Focus #31

Created Date: July 21, 2010Length: 00:27:25Folder: Fitness Focus Fitness Focus #31 Coach Jeff Swanson shows how to use chains to enhance your squat. Doc gets some throwing lessons from the youth baseball team. Super trainer, Justin Davis get…

Nature’s Corner #26

Created Date: July 21, 2010Length: 00:22:50Folder: Nature’s Corner Nature’s Corner #26 Erin and Aaron take a look at the history and the efforts to maintain the Little Miami State Park and Scenic Trail. Guests from the Friends of the Little…

2010 Independence Day Parade

Created Date: July 3, 2010Length: 00:26:19Folder: Special Events 2010 Independence Day Parade

Fitness Focus #29

Created Date: May 10, 2010Length: 00:27:55Folder: Fitness Focus Fitness Focus #29 Doc Krueger shows some unique ways to train your hamstrings. Coach Jeff Swanson demonstrates the bench press with chains. Plus throwing and catching with a L…

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