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Zach Hanna

We’re proud to welcome Zach Hanna, a native of Lebanon, OH, to our team! Zach has been in the residential construction, concrete & excavation business for 8 years, and is excited to put that expertise and knowledge to use as he serves his real estate clients.

Zach says, “There’s a lot that goes into home buying and selling, and in particular, into building a new home. My knowledge of residential construction allows me to expertly walk clients through the confusing maze that often accompanies building a new home.” In addition, this unique background enables Zach to provide insight and perspective on the quality/craftsmanship of a home and possible remodeling scenarios, and see potential issues with properties that the average buyer would not.

Zach joins the real estate world eager to meet new people, help clients find the property of their dreams, and provide a positive experience for anyone he does business with.

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