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Zach Hanna is a seasoned professional in the residential construction, concrete, and excavation industry with eight years of experience. With a passion for real estate, he is thrilled to leverage his expertise and knowledge to serve his clients effectively.

When it comes to home buying, selling, or building a new home, Zach Hanna understands the complexities involved. His extensive background in residential construction allows him to guide clients seamlessly through the often bewildering process of constructing a new home. He possesses a wealth of knowledge in this field, enabling him to offer valuable insights and perspectives on home quality, craftsmanship, potential remodeling opportunities, and identifying issues that may elude the average buyer.

Entering the realm of real estate, Zach Hanna is enthusiastic about meeting new individuals, assisting clients in finding their dream properties, and ensuring a positive experience for everyone he engages with in business. With his strong work ethic and dedication, Zach Hanna is committed to delivering exceptional service and making the journey of buying or selling a home a successful and rewarding one.