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Team Leader, REALTOR®

Team Leader, REALTOR®

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John Bissman is a successful real estate team leader from Loveland, Ohio, with a background in finance, marketing, and accounting. After a successful corporate career, he was called to become a youth pastor, which he did for over six years. He later founded a web consulting and marketing company and then went on to work as an eCommerce manager, honing his online marketing skills.

John co-founded the Community Realty Ohio Sales Team with veteran agent Jerry Marks, aiming to create a team model that accommodated both full-time and part-time agents while still allowing for a balanced personal life. Their vision proved successful, and their business grew rapidly, leading John to expand into commercial real estate and becoming the leading KW Land agent in the region.

As a family man, John is passionate about helping people, planting seeds, and helping real estate agents succeed. He manages a team of 15 agents and serves on the board at Lebanon Christian Schools and for A Child’s Hope International. Through his leadership, John has created a thriving community of real estate professionals in the Bissman Building, which serves as a hub for local businesses, including Coffee Caravan, which employs adults with special needs. He is also an avid skier, sailor, and boater, and enjoys traveling with his wife and three children.