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Cindy Hadfield brings a wealth of experience and a diverse skill set to our real estate team. Her journey as an entrepreneur has been defined by her dedication to coaching individuals on launching and managing their own businesses, inspiring them to achieve greater life freedom. Cindy's entrepreneurial spirit extends to her successful ventures as an importer and inventor, providing her with unique insights into business dynamics.

With over 30 years of experience as an accomplished accountant, Cindy is fluent in the language of business. Her extensive career across various industries has allowed her to gain deep insights into the inner workings of different companies, enabling her to offer invaluable guidance to others. This extensive knowledge forms the bedrock of her expertise, which she now leverages in her own business pursuits.

Cindy's passion for holistic health spans over 18 years, a journey she pursued alongside her other endeavors. This passion led her to explore the world of importing Infrared Blankets, a product endorsed by NFL players and holistic health professionals.

As Cindy embarks on her new role in real estate, she brings her entrepreneurial acumen and holistic approach to our team. Her multi-faceted insights and dynamic approach are set to elevate the real estate experience for our esteemed clients.